I see you over there; you smile like an innocent,You pretend you aren’t here to hurt me.The only reason you’re here is to make me feel discontent.And you think I’m too blind to see…I know what you want and I know why you’re here,I know why you spit words of love in my ear!You love my pain; you love my tears,You know that true love is my very worst fear!I won’t let you near me; I don’t want to hurt,I won’t let you rub my face in the dirt.True love always dies, or was it ever alive,Many, through “true love” do not survive.Don’t talk to me I don’t want your bullshit,Love is not righteous, ethical, or legit.It just runs away, or stays causing more pain,So much to lose, yet so little to gain!I can feel myself being drawn into your trap,And my resistance is just about ready to snap.Please go away, I do not want your company,I promise I don’t mind being somewhat lonely.I’m telling you now that I don’t want you near me,Are you deaf mother fucker, cuz you don’t seem to hear me!You say that you care for me again and again,Than why won’t you spare me from loves gripping pain?! That feeling in my tummy so gentle and warm,Like the deceiving sweet weather before the storm.I know what will come of this, but what can I do?Despite all my efforts, I’m falling for you.