2 try + b a better man?

ANGEL/DEVIL? I was someone else, someone I can no longer recall ever meeting. I only know what I am now, maybe I don’t even know that. I believe that no GOD creates angels + no S8N creates devils but that we make the choices of what we R 4 ourselves.

These R decisions of the mind, heart + soul decisions made by who we R, but who we R is a composite of every person we have ever met + every experience we have ever had. Under this influence we decide whether we R angels or devils but most lie somewhere in between. We R angels or devils depending on our intentions (B they good or bad) and the perception of our intention. Although it is often said that the road 2 HELL is paved with good intentions so does this mean that the coarse of every angel is directed by a devil somewhere smiling at his achievements or does it show that all angels R blind 2 their pitfalls. This maybe a pretty conclusion 4 most because they cannot see where they R going + it makes them angels unbeknownst 2 themselves.

Is ignorance bliss? …

Is it just, 2 wish 4 clarity, if it means 2 be a devil + knowing what U R.

I scar myself just 2 see a wound that can heal, a pain that will not linger in the heart beyond death. I hurt others but I hurt myself the most + it is not out of guilt, I do this 4 a reason that I hide even from myself.

I can stand tall when I cloak myself in darkness because maybe the walls of stone around my heart + soul R not enough 2 make me feel secure. This insecurity is yet another burden I inflict upon myself because I can let no 1 close enough 2 run 2 when I am afraid of the world. I have my friends + my confidants + they R a blessing but I have no 1 2 B intimate with. So I stand as a father 2 the world I give unto others what I do not have, a place 2 run 2.

It is painful 2 want something so much + not know what it is…

I hope that I will find it but the waiting is like a prison sentence.

I only pray I do not wait in vain or my lifetime will feel like 10,000 lifetimes trapped within the torturous confines of myself + that is a truly woeful place 2 spend an eternity.

Help me find an angel…

Lest I become a devil.

A personal supposition by, C.D.F.Guerrero, M.Boduit, and the ever lonely Lucy

posted by the dreambringer who hopes whoever takes whatever they will from it…


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