3 More Dark Shadows

In the Heart of Darkness

The lover has left,
From the heart of darkness,
And in his wake…emptiness,
As I lower myself,

To let me wake,
In the faithful arms of sleep,
Dreamless, thoughtless, painless…

And pray to the gods for some peace:
“Let the velvet night envelope,
Let the moon’s tide cease,
Let the chill wind take my hope,
Let the past dissolve piece by piece.”

No more do I wish for it
To reside in the heart of darkness,
Fill the present with sad torment,
Nor lament the loss too long,
For by far it was on one’s fault,
And not to be blamed on fate,
It was just after all a passing state.

So now I wait without a feeling,
Empty the heart of its darkness,
Watch it bleed out deep rich red,
Down into the sea of loneliness,
Joined to all the others lost,
To know they were on the outside,
Never truly within the heart of darkness.

Cross Roads

Who was she to find there
At the appointed hour
When worlds meet?
Three Knights of Darkness:

One was an Agent of Death
One was the Prince of Sorrows
One was the Master of Seduction
And she was the Inquisitor of Life

Each lived a protracted existence
Each had their own integrity
Each would turn their beast
Each with its soul bound in destiny

Where was this meeting
In the eternal everwhere?
Beyond the dead of night
Behind the folds of secrecy?

Who were they to be
Encrusted in their suffering
Twisting to the torment of being
True to their own circumstance?

When was the call to come
To rise and stand
With open arms held forth
Compelled toward the quest?

What fate to execute in partnership
Which destined deeds to finish
Upon the fields of infinity
In the light of unknown realms?

Only the cross roads will tell…

Why Us?

Is it loneliness for the likes of us?
Cast upon this earth on fire
Different from those of this day
By the reckoning of the night’s grey shadow
And the evening’s glowing embers
Falling into step with Morpheus’s march
And the moon’s cold cast?

Where is the master of our solace?
Those passions others take for granted
To languish on the sun’s fiery altar
To dance slowly to the noon hour
And blink in the dawn’s early light
And sleep in the day’s highest presence

Why must we walk this way?
Into the recess of evening’s quiet
Step by step to burn for change
Extend our length in time
See the forest of our darkest dread
Travel with the single solitude
And seek our roads within…
why us?

By Voltarrens

A Graphic, Fine and Multimedia Artist currently studying at Victoria University in Computer Mediated Art. This also includes written works, poetry as well as an ongoing on line Novel of fantasy fiction available through my website. As well as all this, I also compose music with computer software and post it on the net at various sites. Science Fiction, fantasy and horror have been long time interests of mine over the many years, a lot of my artistic work reflects this...