3 poems-freinds forever?,bitch,as good as it gets

Well be friends forever
You said to me
But know I see
It’s all clear to me
I never thought of you as the type
To do that to a friend
To forget them in there time of need

I’m dying here and you don’t even care
You see the marks on my arm
You hear me scream
You hear me cry for help
But you just go back to your friends
Just forget about me
Forget about the pain that’s deep inside of me
Forget about everything we ever shared
What ever happened to friends forever?

You said you’d always be there
Through the times you were never there
But when you needed help
Where was I??
Right by your side
I helped you
And where were you
When I ran the blade across my body
Your were in my thoughts
You’re the reason I do this to myself
You’re the reason I hurt like I do
What ever happened to friends forever??

You see me walking bye
You don’t even bother with a glance at me
You cant except me for me
Well I won’t change for you
You were never a good friend to me
I would never say how I felt
Because there wasn’t any use
You weren’t going to listen to me
But I would always listen to you
I regret everything I did
It was all useless
You fucked me over once again

Now that you have noone
You want to come back to me
And ask me for help
Because you’re other friends don’t care bout you like i did…
They used you didn’t they
Your worthless to them know
And let me ask you this
What do u want from me
It’s my turn to treat you
In a way you treated me
I don’t care about you know
I don’t need you
I have others
Who love me for who I am
It’s your fault I have no trust in people
You fucked me up
So maybe ill do the same to you
Go away I said to you
Your not wanted here
as you ran to the bathroom
And you cried
I ignored as you did to me
So know what about friends forever??

how dare you
treat me the way you do
you forget about me
you tease me behind my back
how could you treat me so
after all weve been through

your a stupid fuckin bitch
your a whore
and nothing more

i heard you had a party last night
was i there
i was home
hurting myself
knowing what you did to me

your a stupid fuckin bitch
your a whore
and nothin more

you told me you missed me
well then why the hell dont u call
you said you’d be there for me
well where the hell are u now
i know what you said
i have connections
well guess what i think of you

i think your a stupid fuckin bitch
your a stupid whore
and nothing more

i cant stand the sight of you
i see you and i cringe
i think of how u treated me
and what you taught me
and how often you use to call me
and i wonder why did she forget about me

your a stupid fuckin bitch
your a whore
and nothin more…

are things ever as good as it gets
i dont know
i dont see where i went wrong
but i must hold on to everything i have
im tripping
im slipping
on this road full of icey coldness
i cant hold on
im trying im trying
im not strong enough hold on to me
as this hurricane rips me away
the road is dark and damp
it feels like death
the teardrops that fall from my eyes
are full or sorrow and sadness
why did you let me go as you did
i told you to hold on and u just let me go
i was screaming in pain and agony
u didnt care
u didnt want me there
you saw that chance for me to die
and you took it
you sat there and smiled
as i held on to your hand
you didnt comfort me at all
you laugh in my face as i died
you mocked my death
you saw the marks across my wrist
why didnt you do anything
how could have a heart full of such coldness…

By morbidchild

everything is fucked up adn its to much to talk about but u can read my journal adn my url that i have but it doesnt really tell all the shit you know