Deep within my soul
I feel you hurting me
Far away from here is where i’ve dreamed to be

I’ve subdued the pain,
given you no blame,
And yet you continue your game

soon enough the truth will reveal
that my anger is still a zeal.

It’ll come the time when i show you me,
and finally get my chance to make you bleed.

I found this sight wondering about, in boredom ive checked it out, ive seen what ive thought and now im bought, i hope you like my poem for its my first, and probably my very worst..-_-

By AngerDriven

im 6'1, 165 pound bored ass motha fuka, =D.. I have a bad habit of standing up for what i beleive to be true to my heart, but the sad part is its only a bad habit cause everyone else seems to disagree on how others should be treated... I hate this place, and most of Society, not because i choose to but because im forced t0..