there once was a boy, so treasured and loved..that everybody wished they could be just like him..but no body knew just how much he cried..for all his pain was locked up inside, scars on his arms, bruises on his heart..all because of what you did. you thought he was different..you tried to change him, you tried to succeed.

he loved you and you thought you loved him. you battered his body and mutilated his soul. now all thats left is a memory of him, cause of what youve done. no need to say sorry. your drove him to insnaty, everyone remembers him as a gifted talented boy…but you will know what he really was..doesnt make since? so much pain turned to smoke..laying in his coffin, he weeps for you…he idolizes you and wants to be with you. you put him here, you did this..do you care? remember him for what he was and not for who he loved.

By howboutnow

i am a girl, i wanna be a mechanic and a tattoo artist for i can draw, love tattoos, love cars alot alot alot..and thats what ive decided to do.. but when the time comes