__~You will Pay for my Pain~_

I hear n see the anger all telling me what to do
Some tell me to do good things..others say to kill you
The good ones say be sweet and dont make a regret
The others are telling me..You haven’t regret hurting me yet
So I will go with the bad ones…and certainly torture you
Because seeing you hurt and pain in your eye
Seeing you pay for every single lie…
Thats exacly what I want to see
And let you know just how bad you hurt me…
I thought you cared…but I wuznt right
And then you left me…all lonely that night..
You said friends is all we can be…
I walked away in a good manner, but feeling lonely
I guess I liked you more than I really thought
And a large amount of tears and pain is all I have caught
But now it’s over because you have one last breath
Becuz soon to come is your torturing death
Yeah well don’t forget what playing with girls can do
Becuz look what is happening to you…
You led me on blindlessly
And when this is over I’m sure you will wish you never met me!

By un_luved_angel

well...there isn't much to say about me..I'm just another boring person here...