When I see you all I can do is stare, For the beauty of your presence is to great for words
I watch your actions closely, studying each and every move, but when you eyes glance my way..
My thoughts suddenly dissappear
For your beauty is unthinkable
Your presence makes me do the unexpected…
I sit and dream of how things could be, if you only knew my affection towards you
There is so much I want to tell you
But the words never seem to come out
Your intellegence over bears me, oh how I used to enjoy your intellegence
If our little fling could have meant a little more to you, than maybe you would understand these feelings I undoubtfully experience with each sight of your figure
I would do anything just to have you hold me for one night, For all I want is to make more memories with you
Theres no extent I wouldn’t go to just for you to speak to me
And ever since break up we haven’t attained a frienship, and damn is it driving me crazy with no means of communication
All that exists is eye contact……
And oh how your beauty overtakes my soul…….

By un_luved_angel

well...there isn't much to say about me..I'm just another boring person here...