A Beautiful Thing

She used to think of love
As a beautiful thing
With white turtle doves
And a diamond ring

But her images changed
When she met up with you
And she knew that your love
Was never true
She tried and she tried
To drive you away
But there was nothing to do
And nothing to say
She was trapped in a darkness
A world full of hell
Her heart filled with fear
That she could not tell
You took her love away
She gave you her heart
And you did your best
To tear it apart
She tried to run
But she couldnt hide
You hit her so hard
That she fell down and cried
She went out one day
And bought a knife
The sacred weapon
That would take your life
She went on home
And pulled it out
Know longer would she
Hear you shout
She saw you fall
In a pool of red
And that’s when she knew
That you were dead.