A Binding between Mistress and her slave

We had a quiet picnic on the hill… complete with checked tablecloth and whicker basket. I fed him grapes, and together we watched the sunset. I kissed him gently. ‘What shall we do now, Mistress?’

I shook my head. I am not your Mistress. Call me by my name.’ He smiled, and kissed my lips… whispering my name, as if it were forbidden to say it out loud. We loaded the picnic basket full of now empty paper plates, and put the trash in a bag. As he closed the trunk, I touched his arm… and smiled at him. Then, I ran down the hill. He caught up with me… panting for breath. He looked around. ‘This is a cemetery.’ I nodded. There was a fresh grave, and a coffin sat nearby. As well as several half-burned candles. ‘I see you have been busy.’ I nodded, and smiled. I drew him closer to me. ‘This is a coffin. It represents death.’ I took a knife out from nearby, and cut my hand with it. I gestured for him to give me his hand, and he did so timidly. I cut into it as well. ‘This is our blood. It is our life.’ I let the mingled blood drip into a bowl, and lit it with a candle. I pressed my hand to his. ‘We are bound together now. We are as one. Our blood… our lives are now entwined. The candle purifies it, and it burns true.’ I removed my hand from his, and stood. I slowly undid the sundress I wore… and revealed the leather corset underneath. ‘Now, I am your Mistress. We will be joined here. Take me.’ We made love on top of the coffin.