A confusing story (my first)

We were so high and we couldnt think. I looked over and saw Sarah sitting there. The rain came down harder. The tunnels werent too far ahead, but being so high it seemed miles. My head started hurting like fuck and i just lay down in the muddy grass.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Sarah asks me.
“Just thinking..about Dmeitre, must have been horrible how he died, getting ripped apart limb by limb. The demon that killed him is still running free you know.” I tell her
“Yes, but there are more important things to worry about”
i stand up.
“Lets go in the tunnels..itll be so much fun!”
Sarah stands up and we lean against eachother to try not to fall over from being so high. We walk slowly , laughing like all 13 year old girls should at life , and how care free they are.
We cant hear the demon, we keep walking to the tunnels, almost falling over head first into the mud.
Time running out but we cant hear the demon, and its plans of ripping us apart, we dont want to, we want to se Dmeitre.
We get to the tunnels, the padlock rusted. I bite it, breaking it, and it falling. We walk in, our minds confusing what we think we see.
The tunnels are so dark, i fall over. We wait for Dmeitre to take us.
only a few more seconds then it will be all over.
We see his shadow. or so we think. Sarah walks to ‘him’ but all i can hear is her being ripped apart limb by limb, slowly. I go to the demon and hold his pentagram necklace. I own him now.
I get out white string that was drechned in the black blood of Dmeitre. I bind his pentagram necklace. and everything, the tunnels, the feeling of being high, the demon, the darkness. turns to light, in which i turn to dust.

By Nanashi

Name: Ava Age: heh if u have to be 13 or older then im older (NOT! im 11 heh) go to my site!! i have my pic on there i kno it sux but sign my G-book ty i like Hot Topic and i dont really label myself but if i had to id be punk and a lil goth i think ill draw a picture a picture with a twist. ill draw it with a razor blade ill draw it on my wrist and as i draw this picture a fountain will appear and with this flowing fountain all my probs will disappear i dont like to label ppl..but i have proof avril is a poseur and i dont like preps..only some i live in pennsylvania and my AIM sn is ihavenooLyFE IM me sometime ill be happy 2 chat =]