A Couples First

His cold, wet hands moved up her soft silky skin, slowly taking off her shirt, underneathe her shirt revealed to him a prefect pair of breasts, her nipples hardened from the mere touch of this hands. He slid his hands up and down her waist, not removing her from his eye. He stared at her deeplyand she stared back with passion in her eyes, they leand in their head and started to kiss, him caressing her tongue with his, he lowered his head and started sucking and licking her nipples. she swang her arms around him at the simple thought of not being with him. she caressed his head with the tips of her fingers, she moved her hands to his neck and removed his shirt. While he was still enjoying the taste of breast, she started to remove his pants, suddenly his hand graped her arm
” Are you sure you wanna go this far” he spoke in a beautiful voice
” Yes” She Said
“yes, Yes I want you inside me, I want you to hold me forever, and promise that you will never let me go, I want you to fuck me, please fuck me hard”
At the sound of this he gave the look in his eyes that told her to ride him. She took off this pants and his boxers to show her, his fully ercet penis, he pushed her down on the bed and he on his hands and knees crawled up to her mouth, he laid his penis on her lips and she started to lick the tip of his penis, she loved to tease him, then with no warning, she swolled his penis, she took the whole thing in one go, in her mouth, and started to suck, harder and harder, faster and faster, everytime, he moaned with pleasure he felt an orgasm coming so he tried to pull away but she grabbed his penis, and continued suckng, she wanted ang got every drop of it. He took off her pants, she was wearing a black thong, he was so very turned on, he ripped it off and started to finger her, he pushed to finger in and out, he got faster and deeper ever second. She moaned with a grin on her face, that made him smile, knowing that she was happy.
” Why did you stop? ”
” It’s time for the real thing. ”
breathing hard and their hearts thumping, she smiled, he got onto his knees again and told her to put her legs over his shoulders, she done this and he went in going deeper than he did with his fingers, they were breathing harder and harder than ever before, she squzed and held her breast to keep her found screaming out his name.
He stoped and they collapsed in each others arms, and they slept, dreaming about what had just happened.

By Morbid-Cadaver

I need no bio, I don't remember my past.