A Dirty Dream

“And you think you could have what I have Little One? Answer me my pet.” A woman with long nails drawled.

“Locked in a cage, and my wings clipped.” A thin pallor girl sat in a corner with her legs pulled up to her flat chest. Her head was tilted up and resting on her shoulder. Oily, black hair hung dully around her face, with eyes staring unseeing up at the ceiling.

“What was that Sweet? I could not hear you over your tears of self denial.” The woman made a dismissing motion with her fingers and twisted her head in an odd direction.

“Your words are no harsher than my own My Queen. I know very well what I can and can not have. I know my place and the way to stay alive. Silence has been my only friend. I have died, loved and hated with silence. We go way back.”

Stunned into silence herself, by Her Pet, Queen smiled her hidiously merciless smile. “Your only friend…I feel niglected My Doll. Where she forsake you, I am here. Where she slapped you, I wil kiss you. Accept my blissful palace.”

Her head made a sudden flip and her entire body slammed forward like an animal in pouncing position, a mischeivious smirk hidden on her painted lips, Aresa whispered. “How does one cure pain that is self inflicted? Queen you don’t. Only the person themself may cure it. Unless you can get inside my head, I will never change.”

“That can be arranged!” Queen slammed the door to the prison cell until the clanging of the bars rang throughout the cement hall way.

“I’m tired of dealing with her jailer. Kill her tonight please. Or give her a blade so she may kill herself. Rather, give her to me tonight in my chamber, and have ready the girl we call Relia.” She spoke in a tight voice to a fat man who carried keys.

“Yes Queen.”

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.