A dream…Almost True

You’ll glance with your smiles,
And I’ll wipe away in our midst, the miles.
You’ll caress me with your visions,
And I’ll have in mind solely your notions.

You’ll shorten the long strides of my life,
As your love will shield me from strife.
You’ll embrace my soul & mould broken pieces,
Make come true my dreams & wishes.

You’ll travel distances to love me,
And I’ll sacrifice my all to let us be.
You’ll be my shining star in night skies,
Being together we’ll win over all lies.

Your every wound I’ll heal,
And your deepest pains I’ll feel.
In my arms you’ll never shed another tear,
As my embrace will wipe away the last tear.

Just for once, you’ll be the warden of my heart,
I’ll crave every second not to tear you apart.
You’ll be my only dream come true,
With you, the bloodiest battles I’ll wage through.

You’re closing your eyes and saying goodbye,
And I’m shedding tears and wondering why?
Seems my love’s fading away into the night,
Tearing me apart, so out of sight.

As my dream shatters in reality,
I’ll ponder upon our love’s fragility.
With each breath, you’ll be in my thoughts,
As life without you’ll be flooded by droughts.