A Dying Piegon’s Last Coo…

The winter breeze that blew through the whistling trees of hollow darkness. Upon the headphones, the sorrowful vocals of Eddie Vedder sung, “ Oh I ‘m still alive…” Dark frizzy air cushioned the hard, cool surface of the headphones as the dried hair held the headphones from the head of Jimmy.

Jimmy shuddered as he walked. He strolled through the forestry of Catawba Greenway. His leather shoes pounded the pavement whilst tears of Jupiter fell down his cheeks. His eyes filled with sorrow for his own lost love…maybe his own lost Lenore.

It snowed, as the skies seem to speak with ghostly voices of song, like the ancient bards before our own time… They spoke as the moon sung the lines of Twelve o clock …past the time Jimmy was destined home…He knew that his world was going away, slowly like the leaves die when the shroud of glorious fall comes. In the darkness as Jimmy walked he felt alone; only at peace with the music that flowed through the Sony headphones unto his half deaf hears. He saw nothing but the stars above. They glistened as the snow fell. Jimmy’s head was covered in a swarm of snowflakes just as if it was a cloud of white wasps, stinging his nose with the bitter cold. He felt numb inside as he always felt. He knew no one could foresee a darkness rising in his quiet soul. For the years before he only yet had begun to see what love may bring with its happiness. The love in which he felt was only for one, but yet he didn’t see her face anymore, not at school, not on the yellow bus full of children who scream as they have know idea whatsoever that the insults they make towards others, brings a world never seen. Only to bring their own worlds crumbling down like the fall of the Roman Empire…Soon their worlds fall like the distant kingdom of Babylon. Again he didn’t see her at the rotting, wooden bridge that they always met and kiss in the bitter cold. It became lonely as Jimmy now sat in the back of the bus, looking out the window towards the paintings of mountains. The mountain’s colorful stripes of the golden fall always seem to bring tranquility to Jimmy, but only for a short time.

The stars shine as they sung with fear, fear of the distant clouds covering the sky, covering the stars. Jimmy smiled, as he loved the gray of the day. Everything would be still…. Each moment still…

As he looked up at the eclipsing of the stars, rustles in the bushes stirred the forestry. Tis Jimmy heard nothing as he could only hear the sounds of the music. Out of the rustling leaves and vines, eyes appeared barely visible to even the eye of a simple bobcat. They stared at Jimmy with curiosity. Jimmy continued walking on, as one would call him an idiot due to his incapability if full hearing, but he could still hear. Finally he heard the rustling as he felt a sense of paranoia flowing over his body. Those eyes that peered out of the leaves of the winter gleamed with the color of the oceans. They looked as they were born from the wife of Poseidon…Instead they colorized, changing to the eyes of a eagle it seemed like an illusion, but with every cautious step Jimmy took, those eyes followed. It seemed like a creature of the distant legends. A creature sought to live in the modernized time of mankind. Jimmy trembled slightly as he continued the walk down the paved path, which looked like a road leading into the darkness of winter, almost the hell of winter.
Jimmy strolled as the mysterious eyes of the leaves slowly whisked them selves away. All Jimmy could feel was sorrow as he continued to think of his so called lost one. It wasn’t long before he could begin to remember. He begun to see between the lines of what happened two days ago. With only disappointment beginning to evade his emotions as it was a tsunami of disappointment that crashed against the shores of his mind.

He could remember the blood clearly: the thick blood that oozed out of the ribs of the lost one…her eyes slowly fading away as the pupils dilated. She lay in the snowy woods of the mountains in which Jimmy always looked at when he rode the yellow bus to and from school. Remembering her short fading gasps as he shuddered and shed a soft tear in the bitter winds of old man winter.
It was a memory of sadness and dreadfulness, but Jimmy continued to live on with a sense of melancholy. It was to hard for one to bear, but he could live it out until the end…
After strolling the paths of the walkway, Jimmy exited as the snow fell and a process of hydroplaning had only begun to enter the small space between the pavement and Jimmy’s worn shoes…he begun to slip as he fell backwards cursing and hit his head upon the ice-covered pavement. He lay there unconscious for only a few short seconds and begin to groan as he despised the essence of pain, but without pain there would be no pleasure. He raised himself to where he stood straight and tried to keep balance. He slowly walked to where it was only snow. Rubbing the back of his head, Jimmy thought of the fall and chuckled at his idiocy.
Jimmy chuckled a bit more, until only he heard a voice that sung dissonantly in the woods north of him. He shuddered at the ghostly voice and shrugged as he walked off into the streets of town. The voice still sung as he started to return back to his state of paranoia. The voice sung like a child of a banshee only yet with such grace that it would arouse fear in others that could hear the soft operatic notes of the voice. Only vertigo of images began to surround him as he felt alone and walked through the empty streets of town. These images flashed like bullets flying in front of Jimmy like someone was loading those images into a M-40 and tried to shoot the heart of Jimmy. Well one might say those bullets were successful at their attempt to wound that heart of Jimmy. The vision in Jimmy’s eyes became red with those images repeating their courses over and over again. Pictures of her…the one that died: lying in the snow as her eyes blackened and her beautiful smile turned into a mischievous grin. It frightened him, but he assured himself that it was his own mind playing tricks on him. Otherwise it his head was walking the path to the mansion of insanity. It seemed real, as they were holographs coming to life. It was too much…Jimmy began to whimper as he sank down to the cracked pavement of the street and sobbed. He screamed as he grasped the frizzy Afro upon his head. It was becoming torture and it frightened him deeply. He rose back up and continued walking as he sobbed silently in the darkness before the streetlight that shined like a tunnel of light leading to the distant heavens where all Christians speak of the Holy Ghost accepting those of good into eternal life and serenity. Jimmy despised that fact, but he knew that no matter how one would heat those words they could just imagine and still believe it to be only…a distant dream. A dream where it is a symbol of hope to those of religious beliefs that believes this to be true.
Jimmy walked past the streetlight and looked into the source of the light as it begun to remind him of the song Reflection by Tool. He stopped as he continued to stare at the light and change his c.d. to the Laterlus.
He still sobbed a bit, but quietly with sniffs as the raw cold nibbled at the tip of his fingers and nose. He programmed the c.d. to the track of Reflection and continued walking with sniffs and quiet sobs whilst the image of that poor girl laying upon the ground. A dread of guilt flowed over him with staring eyes like he was being watched. He still didn’t care as he only focused on the images…her. He remembered a knife in his hand as he spoke,” No…No…I couldn’t have. Impossible” He sobbed even more as he reached in his pocket and found a knife…with it’s blade covered in dried blood…her blood. His eyes became wide as he stuttered and whimpered. Now he came to remember why he walked down the walkway… He couldn’t feel his head for his mind was slowly drifting off into the depths of phobia.
Suddenly, a bark rung out behind Jimmy. He spun himself around a one-eighty and shook as a large Doberman snarled at him. It’s teeth gnashed with saliva dripping down the ridges of the tooth and down to its large jaw line. Jimmy whimpered. The dog barked ferociously as it lurched forward to Jimmy’s shin. He screamed with agony and struggled to counter attack the rabid dog. He couldn’t as the dog shook at the leg aggressively and bit down hard past the bone. Jimmy screamed even more. He screamed so much for the next ten minutes his voice slowly withered into a breath of labor as the Doberman chewed at the knee. Jimmy couldn’t take the pain anymore as he swerved himself and screamed even more for he tore off the leg. He felt weak, but struggled to reach the knife in his pocket. Within a second the dog jumped on the other leg and Jimmy cursed with his blood shot eyes and jammed the knife into the dog’s side. He grinned as the dog howled in pain and bit the hand of Jimmy. With it’s teeth firmly stuck in the flesh of the hand, the wounded dog twisted the hand as the flesh ripped…Jimmy screamed once again only to scream silently as he gasped. He dropped upon the ground and looked up to the stars as he saw a pigeon sitting upon the streetlight and shitted upon Jimmy’s eyes. Jimmy sobbed as the feces of the bird burned his eyes and screamed in pain as his nostrils became flooded with the stench of bird shit. Only yet, he had begun to realize this is what he was destined for…as he would enjoy his long trip out of life: dying in his pool of blood and bird shit. It was only a matter of time after the dog left, dragging Jimmy’s right leg away into the darkness. Only the soft cooing of the pigeon remained as Jimmy’s eyes started to close and his mind slowly drifted from the trauma.
Headlights appeared over Jimmy’s lifeless and torn body with the sound of a V-8 engine and stopped before the body of Jimmy. The car door of the ’96 Ford Taurus opened with the hair of a young woman flowing. She gasped at the horrendous sight of the fresh corpse that laid down in front of her. She couldn’t breathe as the cold mixed with the smell of pigeon feces swarmed her nostrils. She slowly spoke and stuttered at the sight and turned around as it would become a memory inside of her. She sat back down in the leather seat in front of the steering wheel with large moans of disgust. Then she heard the sounds of the pigeon as it cooed and a snarl rang throughout the air molecules behind her. She shook with a cigarette in her hand and slowly turned to see the wounded Doberman with it’s eyes colorizing into the color of the dark oceans then switching to the eyes of an eagle…The young woman gasped and whimpered as the dog lurched forward. She shrieked and closed her bright blue eyes: preparing to die the same death as Jimmy did, but she peered at the sight of the dog as only a faint fog appeared in the dog’s place. She looked around with a raised eyebrow as she gave short gasps and gave a sigh of relief. Quickly she saw the pigeon upon the streetlight and looked at it with a glaring stare of suspicion. She remembered that she had a small pistol in the glove compartment. She opened it while she stared at the cooing pigeon and pulled out the pistol. With her aiming perfect for a direct hit she cocked the pistol with deep concentration and pulled the trigger with ease. A small muffled shot pierced the air as the pigeon within an instant fell to the ground still cooing and spreading its wings. The pigeon hit the pavement: bouncing unto the sidewalk and lied with a soft cooing. It’s wings broken, it tried to flap for only a few seconds as it started to lie still with it’s cooing. The woman walked up to the sidewalk and watched with curiosity. The eyes of the pigeon stared at it’s killer with red eyes and cooed…It cooed until the next hour…then the coos slowly drifted away in the wind…
It would never be the same for the young woman who watched a pigeon slowly die. Her eyes flooded with tears as the pigeon stopped cooing when she walked back to her car. She started the ignition and put the car in reverse as she did a three-point turn in the street. She drove down to the intersection and stopped with the signal flashing red. She looked at it with her misty eyes…and sighed as she had to return home to that husband of hers. Her husband always would be on the worn, patched up sofa that they bought so long ago. As he would sit upon the sofa when she came home, his raspy voice would always screech the same drunken phrase,” Where’s my food bitch!?” It was no heaven as she once said when she first met him. It had become hell for her. He had begun to ignore her at first, as he became the opposite of her. She would always have to sit through the abusive beatings he gave her when he tripped on acid. The essence of the acid always seem to make him mistake her for Barbara Striestand and raped her…Indeed it had became a hell, but after the killing of the pigeon: she smiled at the thought of her husband being that same pigeon…She wouldn’t take it anymore…not on her life…

To Be Continued……


  1. Well, i’ll tellu what, must be the longest story i’ve seen on this for some time, so extra credit for effort, and what a great story! so descriptive, you could just imagine you were him, great, hope to see more in the future (dammit, im sounding like im your teacher or sumthing) ill go now:-)

  2. Well, i’ll tell u what, must be the longest story i’ve seen on this for some time, so extra credit for effort, and what a great story! so descriptive, you could just imagine you were him, great, hope to see more in the future (dammit, im sounding like im your teacher or sumthing) ill go now:-)

  3. Amazing writing, the descriptions and alusions are stunning. It has to be the best story that I have read in a long time. Thank you, and keep writing.

  4. That was a really good story. Not very many long ones lately. The description and the details were amazing. You could picture yourself in Jimmy’s place, and almost feel his pain. Hmm, can’t wait to see the next part.

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