A few words say too much

i feel ashamed,
i feel pain,
life please change,

please show me, the rules of this game,
im on the edge looking over,
is there anyway i can start again?

im falling in my dreams,
drowning in my screams,
watching my life passing,
its the same everyday,

from the darkened cloud,
to the angel’s tears,
all i seem to do is fear,
please help me,

can you hear me?
or am i not really here?
i tried to blind myself,
but im still here,

more pain will come,
the scars will always run,
to be heard,
of something i could never have.

By Skitzin

Over the last year my life has been full of emotions. I have had some kind of depression, which has made me realise how pathetic this world can really be. I have became an outsider to a crowd of happy people. I now try to get rid of all the anger and such, with the use of lyrics, with the thought that i would get it out of my system.