A gift of death

I was lying in my bed- I had been sick for a few days now, and on my 21st birthday to boot. My luck didn’t seem to be holding up. It felt like my whole body was on fire. I felt myself drifting into a dream, and out of the world as I had always known it.

I was sitting up in the bed, not really aware if I was still dreaming or not. I heard a shreiking, and went to the window. I saw a ghostly figure floating outside. It looked like a woman, attractive in a psycho kind of way. Her eyes were wide, and she was wailing. I looked into her eyes, and almost whispered- ‘What do you want from me?’ She floated up closer, almost within reach, if I dared raise my hand. ‘You are so young. I was not aware. How old are you child?’ I met her eyes- which were startlingly white. ‘I’m 21, today is my birthday.’ I said quietly. ‘I’ve been very sick.’ She smiled- not a happy smile, more like wistful and bitter. ‘I know. That is why I am here child.’ I looked at her, and was unsure of what to say next. I didn’t have to wait long. ‘I am here to take you away. You are to die tonight. But I was not told you are so young.’ She smiled again, but it was different. ‘I will give you one day. That is all I have in my power to give you. You will be invisible to all.. still sick to all that see you. Yet you will walk, and see, but not speak. If you can find one person who you wish to take your place, focus your energy, and touch them. They will die instead of you. Go child. And godspeed.’