A girl….

This girl was a normal girl if you will. She had recently lost her mother i think and her attitude worsend every day. One night she came over to her freinds house. they laughed and had fun it really helped this girl out on the depression thing. Then,.. After watching a movie she leaves to the upper room. “Im going to meditate Ill be back whenever” freind, “Alright”.The girl is gone for about an hour or two till the freind hears a scream. The freind quickly runs up the stairs and finds a fog comeingoutof the door slot. *Opens the door* The freind finds the girl lying on the floor with pitch black eyes and a blue fog emiting from the room. TYhe giorl screams and thenlooses councisesness. Years go by befor she comes out of her weird state onlyto reveal she is completely differnt. Her hiegte grew to 5’11 and became extreamly stronger. Her sex prefrence changed and Attitude.
She rarly talks any more expection with her freind.

(* If your reading this Im sorry I promissed to keep it secret but its a buetiful story to imagine*)

By Silent Now,.. Your Dead.

Im average on the shell of this pitafull corpse but inside i am toren and shreded into so maney pieces I look empty.