a journal entry

i am swimming in the abyss of my very mind. i am searching for my soul eveen though i know i do not have one.
although in my mind we have two, one we keep and one we have the choice to give away. i seem to have lost one. i barely feel i have been numb for years. not feeling anything.

redemption. ha. i laugh in the face of those who claim to be happy. liars.
i am in darkness. not moving just staring out into nothing.
to tired to continue. i was ten when i stopped now five years later i have grown patient. death is my usual converstion. suicide is my favorite word. i vision death as a woman who gave up but in the event of her stillness she refuse to be conqured so she moves. striking at any moment. her world is filled with beauty and poems. although on occations she is violent then nice like a woman. death is constant for all eternity. until the end of the earth she shall walk and recruit
more unfortunates in her death march. every minute a new member joins in and they to shall walk with death. then there are those who stay behind we call this a haunting. but soon they will join her and march in steady beat. along with death.

” i shall tell her a poem, and she will be kind to me”

By sabrocks

look it up its in the stories....