A life in the shadows

smiles in the darkness i have a fear of never living
but i havnt lived yet. “were is the joy!” i exclaim as
it echos down the hallbut no voice retures. “oh god
save from this hell!Save me from this hate! i need
words of comfort.”here in my corerleft in the shade,
here in the darkness.Oh so friendly faces of the
bitter eadge of death. a face so hiddious and horrid
but worst of all it is my own reflection, starring me
in the eyes.demons and ghouls pour from with in
me,smileing. SO much pain so much anger freed from my
viens. The moonlight reflects the pain, the lonely
nights spent in this imprisonment.Death creeped back
in to the shadows leaving a trail of screems chasing
through my mind. sitting in the shadows with my
stomach spread open. The shade moved towords the only
light presented in my cell exstinguishing the wick.the
smoke in the moonlight remindes me of the fire inside
burning all the feelings dead.With a knife in hand i
jut it into my chest slicing my heart in two. the
calluses covered with black tar.So black so tired of
the up hill fight between right and wrong. “what good
is a heart pumping hate and rage in to my veins.!?”A
tear appered for the first time in my dust filled
eyes.”im tried of the same dam paint on the walls of
my life!im tired of this fucked up hell!were is a
life?”i screem on the top of my lungs.Then quietlyi
creep back in to the shadows were my life is suposted
to rest. Here in the darkness…