A Life Untold

Insanity reigns in this barrier of lies.
Torture strengthens as it hears my cries.
My mind, my soul, my heart,
All lost in this inferno of darkness.
Overpowering me, knowing my every thought.
O, How i yearn to see the light.
O, How i pray for a force to ignite,
And in it’s might, release me from this hell.
From my wounds sprout the last pieces of inocence within me.
From my cries sprout the overbearing truths within me.
O, How i yearn to see the light,
Shinning so bright that it blinds my eyes.
My pulse grows stronger the Reaper comes near.
My time has come and that what i fear.
Goodbye cruel world… until our paths cross again.

By SerenitySerpent

I'm 14 years old and I enjoy gothic stuff (obviously); snow sports, horsebackriding, water sports, and am interested in marine life.