A lost girl

This is about a young girl named Jade. She was a goth girl. She was definetly one of those people that everyone turns to look at when they walk down the street. She seemed to have no friends, never with anyone, never talking. Her parents had been murdered years before and left her nothing.

She would always be taunted by the popular fuckers.Well these popular kids found her to be nothing but an annoyance, even though she never did or said anything to them. She never responded to any of there names or mockings. Except for one time. A girl had “accidently” slammed her into a locker. Jade had gotten up and walked over to her and gave her a hug. But she had also taken a knife out that was holding her hair up and stabbed her in the process of this hug. She stepped back and let the girl fall to the floor. And then licked the blood of the blade, meanwhile cutting her tongue almost in half.
The police came. Arrested her. She was later found guilty obviously and put in a Institution for the Emtionally disturbed. There she had theropy everyday. They could not find a problem with her. Except she never sleeps. She sits in her room all night long. They had put a camera in her room to monitor what she did all night. They found she sat at the end of her bed starring at the clock all night long. Never flitching or closing her eyes. Just sitting there rocking back and forth. But occasionally she would flinch as if some one had stuck a pin in her side, and yelling as if she could see the person sitting next to her. Her docotrs showed her this and asked her what was happening. She replied that her mother and father were drunk again. The docotrs immediately
told her she was hullicinating. She said no and showed them the gashes on her side from what looked like a belt with metal plating. The doctors thought she had done it to herself to try and get them to believe. They asked her if her parents used to beat her. She answered no more questions for the remaining week.
The same thing happened every night . Now her face was bruised and cut badly. They asked her why she was doing this to herself. She looked at them, her eyes pale and lifeless. she said i’m not. they are angry with me. Why are they angry? Because i didn’t finish. What didn’t you finish? I cant tell you yet. Why? Your not ready. That night something different happend in her room. Instead of starring at the clock she stared directly into the camera. That was suposidly hidden and she didn’t know about. In the tape the doctors could see her being lashed at. At one point she stood up and started swinging wildly. And accidently hit the camera.
The next morning when they went to wake her the pads on the walls and everything was torn and teared. Blood was everywhere. But Jade was no where to be found her clothes where found on the floor torn and bloody. The most unusual thing found was a leather belt plated in metal, drenched in blood. And a large upside down star within a circle on the floor, also made in blood. All that was found was a knife shaped like a hair clip stuck in the camera face…

By In2thedark

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