A Love Forgotten

Cutting down the middle vein
feeling nothing, not even pain
thinking only of my sorrows
no todays, and no tomorrows
watching the blood at first drip slowly
thinking of the times you’ve made me feel lonely

These are things i did not do,
because i made a promise to you
but now your gone,
and no promises need kept
for all the times that i have wept
because i felt, from you nothing at all
now watch the blood drip and fall

Faster, and faster it starts to pour
all you’ve said i can’t ignore
i cut the other in my pain and grief
watching it drip slowly, and fall like a leaf

I feel the dizziness overcome me
my eyes are blurred and i cannot see
everything spinning, all around me

I fall to my knees, and try to pray
not knowing at all, what i want to say
in the background i hear a sweet song
then try to wonder, where i went wrong

in the mist i see your face
staring down at me
from an unknown place
i close my eyes, and your gone
no trace at all of any song
lying heart-broken on the ground
lifeless and numb to all around