A love that has always been

I wake again from the same nightmare, the pain is almost unbearable. I think of nothing else. I have become obsessed with it.

It all started almost a month ago. I was out surfing the net and ran across this woman. Her image
was stunning, but nothing I hadn’t seen a hundred times before. The more I looked, this feeling came over me. This sense of familiarity, of knowing. An attraction I cant even put into words.

A day had passed and I went back to look at this woman again. I sat with her image before me for almost an hour and I almost fell sick from a horrible feeling of dejavoo. I had a flash from my
childhood. An old memory lost from the conscious and it struck me hard. I could not breathe. Unbelievable emotions ran through my
entire being.

When I was seven an old women had moved into our neighborhood several house down. She immediately captured my mother trust and me and my sister spent allot of time at her home. She was wonderful like a adopted grandmother. Nearly six months had passed and Ihad grow so found of this women. Seeing her had become part of the daily routine.

It was a saturday and she had come over. She knelt down to me and held my face. She told me one day I would see a love that has always been and would always be and that I would understand when I was older.
She kissed me and told me she loved me and she had to go. The next day my mother had come into my room early and she told me our neighbor had died last night. I cried and cried ! Over time the memory faded and I grew up and the whole thing disappeared from my conscious. Besides the strange things she told me made no sense at all.

Until this moment ! I have this overwhelming feeling that I understand what she was telling me more than 20 years ago. I have found her, she is a young woman now. I see the same eyes as the old woman.

I spent a week trying to dispute my emotions. I tell myself things like this are not possible it must be a delusion. It can not be, or can it ?

The author is a full time musician with a CD coming out in North America and a 40 city tour this summer!
His band is called Stoned Vampires.
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By LordRavenXX

Chasing the dark from one corner of the world to the other. No rest for the wicked. I have to get out this summer and tour. I dont want to live in the bus. I will see you soon my dear then you will understand.