A Love Worth Killing..Part2

When Abby awoke,her bed was filled with blood.Her head throbed and her heart was still broken.Abby sat up very slowly and tried to walk.The loss of blood was getting to her and with every step she yerned for Jason.

She couldn’t help but cry every two seconds because everything made her think of him.She sat down at the table.She could hear her dog spikes claws scratching adginst the hard tile floor.He was trying to comfort her.But she cared for no one now.Only Jason.She thought back on the beging of that day.She was getting ready for the first day of school curling her hair.Then the phone rang.It was him.He was laughing alot and he said it in the rudest way.”Hey Abby,Well yea,Your Dumped!”She couldn’t beleive it.She dropped the phone on the ground.He had dumped her when they have been together for the longest time.She never loved or even liked anyone other than him.She calmed down and walked to school.At school everyone was around her trying make her laugh and telling her everything was okay.But it wasn’t.By the end of the day Jason had said the most terriable things about her and how she wasn’t a good girlfriend.Abby ran to the bathroom every class to cry,or just about everytime she saw Jason.When Abby was walking home she saw him making out with this cheerleader.She was crushed.She had been cheated on and used in th most horrable way.That was when she came home.Abby sat there and wrote her finally words on paper.She was going to die for love because she could not live without it.Her mom and dad were out for two days in Vegas and when they got home.They would find her.No one could stop her.She found the rope she needed and the biggest knifes she had.She found pills that her mom took when she broke her neck in a car actident.She did all of these things but kept the rope for last.She stood on her balcony and jumped down.The rope tuged on her neck.And she was gone.She never had to feel pain anymore.She never would get to see Jason.But it was finally.She was dead.

By Darkned Shadow

I guess my bio,would be about me..I hide how I feel and I juss need 2 get it out..threw my poems and lame storys...L8er