A Memorial For Love Lost

He stood on the cliff, and closing his eyes- he fell. He didn’t brace himself for the fall as a person usually would- possibly because he wanted to die. To him, death would be welcoming- for his love would be waiting. Shouldn’t I have hit bottom by now? He asked himself. His eyes opened- he was in the clouds, high above the ground. And she was waiting for him. She was just as he remembered her, and his heart skipped a beat. She seemed to glow; her body glittered and shimmered with an inner light. But her eyes- though bright and loving, were sad.

She shook her head, seemingly dissapointed in him. “I was lonely without you- I miss you so much!” He cried to her, his voice cracking. She walked to him, and put a finger to his lips to silence him. Then she wiped the tear from his eyes tenderly. She handed him a bright red rose, that seemed to glow- as she did- with an unearthly light. Then she kissed him; and he felt at peace, closing his eyes. His eyes opened- he was still crying. He was in his own bed, and not in her arms. He felt sad, then frustrated, then enraged. He started to grab anything within reach, and sent them crashing to the ground. Soon, he had nothing left to throw. So he left. He drove to her grave, and lay on top of where he imagined her body might be. But not her soul. Her soul was with him. The thought comforted him. He sighed deeply, then got up from the warm earth. He started to walk away.. but something -longing, loneliness, or maybe a final acceptance- told him to turn back. And there, lying on her grave.. lay a single, perfect, almost glowing rose.

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