A New ALIEN Movie. Dumped into the Livestreaming Pit.

It’s a good news/bad news type situation, I suppose. While I’m glad that we’re going to be getting a new film in the ALIEN franchise, I will continue to beat the drum for the (admittedly small) percentage of the population who don’t have the option of livestreaming. It sucks to live behind the times, in terms of technology, but a few of us have no choice in the matter. Will the new movie be given a DVD release? If so, then no problem. But if it follows suit with most of the direct-to-livestreaming offerings these days it won’t. I have flashbacks to the days when I, a Horror-obsessed little fanboy under the age of 18, was prevented from seeing a movie I desperately wanted to see because of some stupid rule. Livestreaming is the equivalent of those few ticket-takers at the theaters of the 80s who took their jobs seriously enough to not let me in to see a movie because of a technicality. I hated those ticket-takers back then, and I hate livestreaming now. Bastard banes of my existence!

The new movie will be written and directed by Fede Alvarez, who helmed the remake of EVIL DEAD a few years back as well as DON’T BREATHE; the film, then, is in good hands. Cantankerous Ridley Scott, who directed the original ALIEN as well as PROMETHEUS and ALIEN: COVENANT (both underrated in my opinion) will serve as producer. The new flick is said to have no connection to any previous film, and, I would imagine, no connection to the new series—also set to be livestreaming-exclusive.

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