I will wake with violence
Trapped beneath my fears
Wrapped in tissues of flesh
I stalk to the corridors of fate

Digest the reasons that have brought you to this moment of realization as my blade caresses blood from your veins.
The night time sky cried through the veil of chemical spew.
In the shadows I practiced upon my right-hand palm as I awaited for a you
Tears ran down your face streaming into eternity
An eternity filled with my desire
Alone and without comfort I came forth to fulfill that growing void
Remove the emptiness of sorrow that engulfed your world
So I let my loving blade embrace your willing form

And now ecstasy has been reached
Orgasms of blood and flesh
Your bones kiss the starlight
As your eyes begin transmogrify into crystal

By ragnarokbard

I am and my not anyone else, though I wonder sometimes.