A New Queen

Somewhere in this room, I feel a presence. Something that is always there, watching me, my every movement. At night, I do not dare to sleep, for I know it’s watching me. Waiting for me to close my eyes and sleep.

Laying on my bed, I feel it’s presense even stronger then before. Looking over at my desk, a man starts to appear. Strangely I am calm to his appearence. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. The man wore a black suit as black as night with his dark hair gel back. He started to come towards me. He slowly hover towards me. “Hello my new Queen!” the mysterious man greeted me. He lifted his hands to my face and felt my smooth skin. His dull black eyes twinkled. I was so frightened but I couldn’t do anything under his control. He bent towards and whispered, ” This won’t hurt a bit, I promise you!” His fangs pierced through my skin and into my neck. Feeding his hungar and finding his new Queen. I belonged to him and he belongs to me. I’ve become the creature’s queen and he has become my king. Slowly I will learn to love him….

By AngelofDeath88

I'm a dead person who walks the Earth day and night! No soul or life can cheer me up for I am AngelofDeath! More death and less living!!! There is no meaning in life!!