A Perfect World

Slipping in and out , between the plains of life
Touched by some deep driven force
The needle’s contents taking effect and smothering me like a giant hand
The world turns upside down or right side up… it’s hard to tell

Jump into the air and float higher and higher
Look at me, I’m soaring with the birds
HA HA! My life is right again
Everything in it’s place
Everything as it should be
Then, crashing, falling
A pounding at the door
Shit, hurry, clean up this mess
Reality hits,
My peacefull little existance comes crashing back down around my ears
The beautifull colors stay
“Just a minuet
Mother, don’t send me away!
I’m okay
No, I never
I swear
I was asleep
Believe me!
Fine don’t”
You’ll be sorry not I

By belle morte

not everything is as it seems and not everything seems as it is........ who the fuck are you to judge me?