a poem for the deceased

i never cried in front of people
i never showed i cared
but u knew the burden i had to bear
in ur eyes i could see the way

you were telling me everything would be ok
knew why i didnt cry as u were breathing your last
the final breath i knew u were thinking of me
u know on my shoudlers this day i would have too bare
noone who carews noone tahts there
i had to be strong for all
and give too evryone a shoudler too cry
when will it be my turn to havea shoulder on which to cry
this solitude i myself must bare…along with everyone elses
depart now dearly beloved spare your soul to the angels
and your body leave behind
no more will you live life inpain
one more day to please other
our pain was one and the same

R.I.P grandpa 1/18/03

By shadowedlight

momento morten vitae sequens. (remember death follows life)