A Poem of Ascension (and more afterwards)

We live in front of a beautifully illustrated back drop… a scenery that isn’t quite so real. We live in a “safe reality” where science reigns supreme and banality (this means disbelief) has taken control. A place where fairies, wizards, and vampires only exist on the t.v. screen. A place where magic is only card tricks and such. Well i’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s all real.

You might keep a closed mind refusing to see… taking your “psychic nyquil” the night time sneezy, stuffy, disbelieving, make everything go away, so you can cope medicine.

Or, you can open your sleeping banal eyes take in that first glimpse of a higher level of reality. Open your eyes and awaken.

Zero Silvermoon Phoenix
(copyrighted 1999)_______

Perhaps I should discuss my work above. Yes it’s very true. No it’s not just fiction. We…in one way or another do not see the whole world around us. Now this is not our fault, it’s society refusing that these “unsafe” things could exist. How would the public (the world as a whole) react to find that a person had no limits? Everything they were taught wasn’t possible, actually was possible? The world would have a stroke.

Unfortunately now is not the time for the world to accept the fact that reality is fluid not solid. Now say by chance you do see or feel things others cannot… don’t think thats all there is there is more than just one great awakening for each of us.
For some it may be little by little… for others it may be big awakening and then no other realizations for a while.

Actually think about what I have written don’t blow me off as a has-been philosopher jocking off of DeCartes… or a looney fresh out of the psycho ward. If you have an open mind you’ll see.


By Donovan_LaSage

If I hadn't made me I would have been made some how. If I hadn't assembled myself I'd have fallen apart by now. If I had'nt made me I'd be more incline to bow... though the powers that be could have swallowed me up but thats more than I can allow.-Incubus


  1. What if it is only as real as you want it to be ? Who defines it as real or imaginary? If you believe in something strong enough does that make it real ? It is only real to you and not others, so doesn’t that make it imaginary then? To be real, doesn’t it need to be real for everyone and not just a few? And then at the very end, isn’t it only as real as we (the individual) decide it to be ?

    Could I get any more confusing ?

  2. I don’t know, but i feel as though I’m on the set of The Matrix now.


  3. reality was constructed by the white coats and the white collars as a security blanket, their motto ‘ignorance is bliss’

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