A Prelude To My dArKnEsS

My darkness is for my eyes only. It’s here that I am never lonely. Others are blind to its beauty, its dangers, and its addictions.

Afraid to look on the walls and not see their shadowy reflection, they’re destined to live in lies of light. My darkness replenishes me from what the blinding light tries to take away. I am revived by its touch and thrive on its strength. When the sun sleeps the imagination awakens. Lights glitter and sparkle, not dominate and expose. The sky is an enigma. The streets are unfamiliar yet inviting. Mystery lurks around every corner. A smile can turn into seduction. A touch into temptation. It all depends on where you are in the dark.

Have you given in to your darkest desires? Would you know where or how to begin? I can teach you.

I forewarn you. Be very careful. In my darkness there are Demons slinking in empty spaces disguised as haunting memories or unhealthy temptations. These Demons pretend to have the answers. They overshadow the darkness with their twisted and blackened presence, threatening to destroy.

The weak befriend these devilish notions, needing to believe in their dark promises. They willingly take the hand of the Demon undoubtedly losing their soul. The ones who have learned to see through these attractive illusions, find strength within a sacred light. This divine light is your soul. Its power casts away these Demons ultimately freeing you.

My darkness holds truth and feelings of comfort, love, seduction and peace. Yet it also weeps the tears and screams of betrayal. But here there are no walls. No need for outside protection or inside skeptical inspections. My darkness is filled with music of the darkest intentions, demanding passion of the darkest sensations. Reality is lost as fantasies are found. And the only sound that breaks the spell, are the whispers of secrets we never dare tell.

Where are you in darkness or where would you like to be?

The stories you are about to read will tease you, frighten you, and even tempt you. In my darkness there are many stories to be told. I invite you to fondle my pages, flirt with my demons, as you shudder at my touch.

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