A Purple Season

There has never existed a time out of the bounds of our four states of nature’s being. There’s the warm season, the dieing season, the dead season, and the birthing season

. Four cycles of the struggle and all seperate save for the year. We might call them, in order, red, yellow, brown, and green. Red for the burning fire of life in its prime. Yellow for the coming of age and its fire. Brown for the time now in past and now spent. Green for the youth of the life, sprung again. We all accept the changing of seasons, like time. Yet I’ve found a fifth season which I covet as mine. It’s a time of rebirth, yet in the wake of the death. It’s a time of great fire without old regret. It’s a season which makes the heart blossom and shed, retrace and retread, reborn and not sad.

It offers sweet arms to hold you as never before. Each scar you might carry grows soft and is gone. Each tear you might cry learns to cry for the joy. Have you ever been coveted? In this season you are. In fact you forget how you were hated before.

The season is purple, the season is just. The season is finding the truth inside trust. The season is love as it was meant to be. A season for two. For you and for me. Yet two is a number leaving its counting free. Two can be a couple, but couples are plenty. So a season of purple is more than one story. It is the rapture for all who have waited for glory. It is the time we have saved in the four we never needed. It is the love we have saved in the lies we’ve repeated. It is the moment we feel before we awaken. Place your heart in the purple and it will be taken…and returned with eternity. A season made for the “you and me.”.