A Self Conscious Beauty

the moon shining off of her pale pristine body
outlining her perfect figure
the corset pushing in her imperfection
she must be perfect
her own hands pulling the bondage tight
she must not free her natural shape
her false ugliness might show through
her black hair falling around her glowing white neck
shining from the beauty she “doesn’t” have
the true perfection of her body must never be revealed
the destruction of her thought process
she tied the lace too tight
how…did her self consciousness
leat to her…demise
reach for the string
a futile attempt to free her gorgeousness
before she did die
the string is knotted
she will be buried in the self conscious shroud of a corset

By masked darkness

i live...i am anti government, anti EVERYTHING everyone stands for...i get online...i go to school...i dream of mass murder and serial killings...wat can i say...i live life through my past ...the end