A simple night, in a simple city…

He got out of the night club, from the back door, private to the staff and to some special guests. The two agents who had just entered the club unsettled his nice carefree evening. He put on his jacket and lit a cigarette, his eyes checking his surroundings constantly. He could still hear the music from the club and then heard the steady footsteps from the other side of the big metal door. He smiled.

The door slided open with a loud “crank.” Two men, dressed in nicely cut black Italian suits got out, one was wiping rust off his hand and the other one followed with his hand hidden behind his back, holding something. They stopped just by the door and looked around. “Shit I can’t believe we just missed him,” one said waving his hands. A gun, he was holding a Glock 17, standart agent issue.The other one was more careful. He looked around for a longer time, probably briefed on the powers of their quarry. “Should we push our luck and try a pursuit?” asked the other one, seemingly to the air. He probably received the answer from his ear-radio, and then turned to his partner and said: “HQ says we have to make a sweep in the vicinity.”His partner apparently not spirited for a sweep, sighed dropping his shoulders. “Damn…okay let’s do it.” he replied. The man with the long curly hair thought for a second. In the shadows where he was hiding he took out a piece of black cloth and tied his long hair ,medievil style, tying it loosely towards the end. He put on his gloves and then stepped into the light: “Let me make your sweep easier then,” he said sarcasticly to the surprised agents.”Holy shit!” one said and swiftly took out his gun and opened fire, diving sideways. The other one’s lips moved as he too took cover. Shard augmented his hearing and heard HQ say that special reinforcements would be there in two minutes. “Hunters…” he thought and started moving to the middle of the agents who had already emptied one clip. If he was in his good night, he’d be done without even touching them. “Bastard won’t die!” one shouted to the other, desperation in his voice. “Good.” he thought to himself. “We have to hold him off a bit more!” the other one replied as the obedient dog he was. He was reloading when he saw the “target” standing right next to him. He was grabbed by the neck and lifted. But he did not give up and finished reloading. And fired multiple shots at the unholiness that was lifting him. “I am impressed agent.” Shard said coldly as he snapped the man’s neck and dropped him. He took the dead agent’s gun and was back into the heart of shadows, stalking the other one. When he found him, the agent was waiting with an incendinary grenade, “a fire tongue.” Now this would be fun he thought, and revealed himself at the terrified human. He reached out with his psyche and tapped the agent’s. Already terrified, the poor human was at the edge now. He played with the man’s mind, molding it to the shape he wanted. A helicopter light crossed him for an instant. The hunters were here. “Put a good show in.” he said to the terrified mortal, lifting a manhole cover with his thoughts. As he dropped down to the filthy waters, the hunters were already on the ground, running to the “scene.” “Stupid sheeps…they can be so formidable when they want.” he thought to himself as his mind’s eye watched the scene from the alive agent’s eyes. The soldiers covered the area in a few seconds, working in perfect unison. Special soldiers “bred” for hunting purposes were all over the scene, covering the area like deadly but small black scorpions. One went to the remaining agent and simply said: “We take it from here Agent Kanan.” He felt no sympathy for the terrified agent who was mumbling to himself and sweating hysterically. The soldier kept on commanding his troops, and told a paramedic to take care of “the freaked out poor agent over there.” As the young paramedic walked to the agent Kanan, a wide smile crossed Shard’s lips. No one other than him saw Kanan activate the “fire tongue”, but the paramedic saw him throw the grenade to the area with the biggest concentration of soldiers. The young medic shouted for cover but noone really understood what happened. As the whole alley was engulfed in flames, Kanan took out his gun and put it into his mouth. “Be a good boy and tell’em I sent you.” said Shard as Kanan squeezed the trigger and his brains washed the wall behind him. The commander was spasming not so far away, alive fireworks. Some soldiers were lucky enough to have their minds to grab a gun and shoot themselves. Some were running around, jack o’lanterns, screaming like banshees on fire. Shard laughed out loud and his voice echoed in the dark sewers. “Fiery death,” Shard thought, “I should stake you all and burn you like you did to many.” Bitterness crossed him and he heard sirens approaching. He turned and started walking into the maze of the sewers, victorious. He recited a prayer he had learnt as a monk, in latin, for the souls of the fallen ones above. He made the cross, but in the eastern, orthodoxian way, and disappeared into the night. “It was a good night.” he thought to himself. ——–*——– Cops and phorensics worked hard to clean up the mess. An officier called the detective in the scene to show something on the wall. FBI did not let them pass, but the detective simply was too stubborn. Two men were “bagging” agent Kanan’s body and on the wall behind the body, where his brains were, was a note, a message. In blood and brains, the message said: “Thus you’ll learn to stop giving big grenades to weak willed agents.” FBI and the detective were pondering on what was meant by “weak willed agents.” And they were thinking about the person who wrote it. And when he wrote it…+++++++++++++++++++++++++Hope you’ll like it 🙂

By ScorpionShard

Student...black metal...White Wolf...opium...Turk...NY...


  1. that was great man! it was well written. i found that its structure provided a great contrast to the cold intelligence of the story. (no offense) keep it up

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