A Simple Night Of Pleasurable Delight: Chapter One

Sapphire opens her eyes and to her surprise she is alone. Upon rolling over, she feels the empty spot inwhich her imaginary lover lay. With a deep, long sigh she sits up and peers out of her window.

Snow falling over the green shrubbery and the long path leading to her door. She suddenly hears a knock at her door and turns her head quickly. The knocking again. “Sapphire? Are you up yet?”, The half asleep voice tells her. She stands and looks herself over in her mirror. Looking at her full pouting red lips, then her soft pale flesh on her milky white neck. Then to her lushus breasts, she lips her lips and touches her stomach. Sh thinks to herself, whats wrong with me? She flips her long black hair behind her slender shoulder. Sighs and pulls her silk robe over her.
Sitting in the living room is her brother, Draven. He smiles and looks at her with sweet eyes. “Finally”, He says after about 2 minutes. She moves away from him and burries her face in her hands. “That dream again? Look I know how to help you if you’d let me–“, She stops him. ” Am I….Attractive?” She looks at him with lust in her deep hunter green eyes. He stands up quickly and turns away. “Why? I…I..Couldnt answer that question..” Trying to change the subject, he hands her a light small box. She takes it and opens it. Removing the box top, she reveals a note along with 2 roses. One black and the other red. She looks in shock. “Where…..Who….What is this?” She stands and looks at her brother, who is now facing her directly looking into her deep eyes with him black eyes. “Some one you know…..I cannot say.” She runs to her room.
Once in her room she slams the door shut and pulls the note out of the box. Its a little black piece of paper with silver writing on it. She opens the paper. She reads it aloud, “Dear Sensual Sapphire Stone, I have admired your beauty from afar and can no longer stand being away from you. Please meet me at Club Raver. You’ll know me when you see me. P.s The red rose is for your blood lust and the black for your long, shining sexy hair. Soon to be your one and only, you’ll know me when you see me”, She flipped it over,nothing and
sighed. Pulling up her go-go platform boot, she stands and heads for the door. Grabs the handle and pulls. She the pulls out her car keys and unlocks the car. Some one comes up from behind her and pushes her down to the ground. Laying in the snow, she screams as the dark figure rips her coat off and attacks her neck with what seems at first to be a kiss and then a hard, painful stab. She is left alone and lies motionless in the snow. She opens her eyes and sees a big neon sign “Club Raver”. She Stands and walks in, the room is very busy with moshpits going to a Goth metal band. She turns and sees a tall man with black hair, brown eyes and an eyebrow piercing. She suddenly feels faint, but smiles as the man turns toward her with a sensual glem in his eyes. She takes a sharp step forward and almost loses her footing. She falls to the floor and looks up, unable to move. The man walks to her and pulls her closely in his strong arms. He exits the club.
She opens her eyes, jumps and screams. “Where am I! Who…..”, He places a finger over her mouth. “Shhhh…Sleep.” He lays her down and she closes her eyes. Thinking to herself. Why am I so comfortable with this man? Who is he? She sighs feeling very weakened and falls into a deep sleep.

By Sapphire Stone

I am the Demonic Mistress of this world. I have many followers and I have been known to enslave even the darkest and coldest hearts. I was once the Princess of Transylvania, Romania until my father attemped to murder me, after slaughtering my beautiful vampiress mother. My brother disappeared in 1646, he was last seen with my lost lover. I have no family, but I do have the power to enslave and hypnotize any one. I am a vampiress and I fear nothing.