A Simple Night Of Pleasurable Delight: Chapter Two (CONT.2)

Sapphire tries to push him away again, but his grip on her is tighter. “Raven….Let me go…Your hurting me!” She says, her eyes tearing up.

He carries her up stairs and into a room, thats strangely dark all that can be seen is a huge bed. “I cannot let you go….Sweets. Your mine now.” He looks at her with even more hunger in his eyes, as he lays her down. “Stop! fucking stop! Now!,” Sapphire says as she manages to free one hand and punch him in the face. “That wont make any difference, you wont hurt me.” She punches him harder and harder and harder, until her fist is raw and bleeding. “I dont care…I dont love you! This your fault! I never asked to be one of your kind! Let me go!” He lets her push him away. She runs out of the room, down the stairs and out the door. She turns to look back at the house, but its gone. “I’M FUCKING SICK OF THESE GAMES!,” She screams to the open air where the house once was. She walk to the empty street alone and sits at the curb, feeling too weak to walk. Looking at her fist,”Damn it…” She stands weakly and walks to the end of the curb, looks around and falls to her knees. She starts to cry, “I never said to leave me forever…” She wipes a tear away and manages to find her car. Not thinking at all, she gets in and passes out.

By Sapphire Stone

I am the Demonic Mistress of this world. I have many followers and I have been known to enslave even the darkest and coldest hearts. I was once the Princess of Transylvania, Romania until my father attemped to murder me, after slaughtering my beautiful vampiress mother. My brother disappeared in 1646, he was last seen with my lost lover. I have no family, but I do have the power to enslave and hypnotize any one. I am a vampiress and I fear nothing.