A Simply Night Of Pleasurable Delight:Chapter One (CONT.)

Sapphire awakens to find herself alone in her bedroom. She quickly sits up and looks around. She looks down to see that she is dressed in her pajamas, a black tank top and black female boxers.

She thinks to herself, maybe it was all a dream. Although, she thinks to herself, very painful. She feels 2 little bumps on her neck. She stands up and looks into her mirror like she did the day before, only her skin paler then usual. Her eyes seem to swirl hypnotizingly with black and all shades of green, growing brighter every minute. She looks to her breasts, she gasps seeing that her breast are bigger and firmer. She looks at her legs, just as long and sexy as they were before only they have a sexy glow about them. Infact, her whole body shares that same glow. She looks at her neck, examining the small red bumps that seem to be disappearing before her very eyes. She thinks to herself, maybe it wasn’t a dream. She quickly grabs for the box on her dresser and opens it. This time its a different note. She reads it aloud : “Dear Irrestistable Sapphire Stone, now do you know who I am? None of last night was a dream. I have a gift for you. You are very sensual, you will be mine. Soon enough. I am in this very room, look behind you.” With a confused look on her face, she turns warily. She sees him sitting on her bed. He stands, takes her hand and kisses it lightly. She looks into his brown eyes and then pulls away. “Wait, before you try to put one single move on me, who are you and how did you get in here?” She says tapping her foot on the wooden floor. He looks her deep in the eyes, “You donot reconize me?” He holds out 2 roses. She looks at him her face emotionless, “Who are you…I need your name. Tell me now.” He laughs and walks to the window, the sky still pitch black. “My name is Raven Darken. You do know me, but you dont remember me. That tends to happen when you are knocked out by a vampire.” She walks backwards in disbeleif. “Vampire?” She closes her eyes trying to remember last night, but only sees blurs of the daylight. “Yes, vampire. There are many of them around here.” He says. She turns around and puts her hand on the doorhandle, “Would you like to come down for some tea?” She turns to find that he disappeared. She shakes her head. On her way down the stairs she gets an overwhelming thirst that seems to be unquenchable. She collapses onto the couch and closes her eyes. The phone rings, she reaches for it and answers it weakly. “Hello? Who is this?” She says as she tries to sit up. The voice on the other line replies, “Its daddy, princess. Are you feeling okay? You sound awful.” She takes a deep breath. “No daddy, I’m fine. I just couldnt sleep. thats all.” She lies. “Alright, sugarbear. Tell your brother we’ll be home soon and tell him to take care of you. Love you, sweetness.” She takes another deep breath, “I love you too, Daddy. I’ll tell him. Bye” She hangs up before he cansay another word. She looks out of the window, the snow is falling thicker and heavier as she stares in the still dark sky.
She hikes up her black skirt and straightens her shirt, then she slips her black plaforms on over her fishnet stockings. Brushes her long black hair once more and grabs her black leather coat before pulling her keys out of her pocket and heading out of the door. She looks around her and pulls the car door open. “Odd…”She says to herself, shrugs and gets into her hurse. She starts the car and drives off.

By Sapphire Stone

I am the Demonic Mistress of this world. I have many followers and I have been known to enslave even the darkest and coldest hearts. I was once the Princess of Transylvania, Romania until my father attemped to murder me, after slaughtering my beautiful vampiress mother. My brother disappeared in 1646, he was last seen with my lost lover. I have no family, but I do have the power to enslave and hypnotize any one. I am a vampiress and I fear nothing.