A strangers hold

As a continuation of a small story I submitted to Darkness.com awhile back, I decided to post the rest here

At fanfiction.net. As promised, I added more to it (3 other chapters and counting). For those who don’t know anything about the story its about a young girl who awoke to memories of what she thought was her murder. To her suprise she’s still very much alive (or so it seems) and she’s left with a puzzling mystery. Unbenonced to her, this man/creature is stalking her…perparing for something that will only be revealed in the end. Its basically a vampire story that I tried to write that wasn’t like the other ones. I tryed to avoid the basic ‘vampire’ story and tryed to create something different. Whether or not I succeeded, is up to you.

By BleedingRegret

Rip. Me. Apart. Till. I. BLEED.