It surprises me a little bit that there would be a new series in development based on the Bermuda Triangle. But there is. (
It’s going to be called TRIANGLE, and a pilot has been ordered by ABC. Granted they could still pass on it, in which case there *won’t* be a series. Anyway, Mike Vogel, who starred in the THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake, is set to play the lead.

The Bermuda Triangle was such a 70s phenomenon. Meaning it got most of its attention back in the 70s. You don’t hear as much about it anymore. Part of this is due to the improvements in our technology. With GPS and all that, it’s a lot harder for an airplane or a boat to simply vanish into thin air. Also there is the theory amongst paranormal researchers that the Bermuda Triangle represented an opening, if you will, in the fabric between dimensions—an opening that has now closed up. There are others; the “Alaska Triangle,” for example. The Dragon’s Triangle, the Nevada Triangle. (Why does it always have to be a triangle?) But the Bermuda Triangle retains its mystique, even 40 years later. Does it maintain enough of it to float a new television series? We shall see.