a time of pain, (End)

every night before she went to bed,she’d pray to be dead. and every morning she cries and asks god why? why her? why couldn’t he make her die. more tears fill up in her eyes, as she falls to the ground. she goes kiss her mom, dad, brother, and sisters. she writes a note that says goodbye, for this is the last day she’ll be alive. she goes in her room and closes the door, walks to her drawer, and takes a sharp dagger out, and lays it on her bed.

she puts on her favorite black dress, and fixes her hair. she puts the note on her bed. she dries the tears on her eyes, grabs the dagger walks to the center of her room. she slowly cuts her wrists lightly , and
then deeper she gets. she starts cutting her other wrist the same way. she falls faintly on the ground, feeling the life in her fading away. her family bursts in the room to see what had happened, and as she takes her last breath. the last thing she says is ” goodbye “. In the letter she wrote, “even though you made my life miserable, i love you always, and even though i died this painful death, it felt great to finally be free from this time of pain”. goodbye.

By aWayofLife

darkness is a form that is made by a mind, itself.