A View Into My Life

Here’s to those who made me cry
Three cheers to those who made me want to die
One less person to make you look good
Daddy I’m behaving like a good girl should
I’m standing on the building daddy Now what do I do?
Jump off the edge daddy? I can do that too.
I’m fat, I’m strange,I’m ugly
That’s right says daddy now say it again
I’m fat,I’m strange,I’m ugly
I jump off the ledge
Insults flying past me,A knife’s razor edge
Smile and don’t look back says the dad who never cared
It’s alright says daddy don’t be scared
But you’re holding the knife daddy says she the ugly,
crying in her head
Everyone knows you’re ugly You deserve to be dead
She takes the knife and presses it against her wrist
Now before you go give daddy one last goodbye kiss
Goodbye I hate you says the girl with no remorse
Shut up you stupid girl I hate you too of course

By ~*Deadly_Nightshaded_One*~

I'm young.But no I am not a poser. I have been holding alot of things inside and I need to share them with someone. If you don't like me you don't know me.Look deeper.