A young girls story

six a.m. its another morning and as usual she doesn’t want to wake up. Their teenage daughter finally pulls herself out of bed ten minutes later,turns on the light and begins her daily routine. She throws on her black jeans, tanktop, and a hoodie and rolls up the sleeves. She then throws her hair up in a sloppy ponytail and turns on the radio. With the station tuned to her favorite rock chanel she does her make-up, why she doesn’t know, she’ll cry it off by the end of the day. Cover up lighter then her skin, black eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. As she sings along to the radio she laces up her shoes. She turns off the radio, grabs her keys and back pack, turns out the light and heads downstairs.
When she gets down stairs she pulls out her armband and bracelets and puts them on to cover up old scars. she heads into the kitchen to here her mom bitching again about her make-up or how she didn’t do her chores done the night before.
She picks up her things and walks out the door. On the way to the bus stop she lights a cigarette, first one of the day.
She gets on her bus and sits to herself as usual.
When she gets to school she see’s the face of the person that has caused her the most pain and heartache, a lost love. “hey” she says as she puts on a smile and gives him a hug. She runs in to see the rest of her friends, finally she can be happy.They discuss random things from the previous day, trying to be heard over laughter and other talking.
damnit the bell rings off to another day. First, second, third, fourth and fifth hours all the same, no one to talk to, she just sits alone wanting nothing to go home, the only relieve is lunch before fourth hour. Sixth hour finally, she walks into class and see’s his face, that face she still loves, the one that still causes her pain, ” hello” she says and walks to her desk.
With the hour almost over she goes over to talk to that boy “whats up…?” they carry on a conversation everysecond making her miss him more.
Bell rings again, the day is over. she walks to her bus and sits with a stranger who has a staring problem.
Finally she gets off her bus and lights another cigarette. She goes home to an empty house, alone she sits and thinks about everything wrong in her life.
4:30, greatmoms home. The lecturing begins everyword making her feel worse. She goes up to her room and puts her headphones on, writing in her journal all of her thoughts.
Six p.m. dads home, great more bitching. He lectures her about not working enough and not deserving anything.
She runs back up to her room with tears running down her face. Another night she’ll miss dinner, she no longer wants to be seen.
Eleven p.m. the house is silent, she writes a note to her friends the only ones who cared. Finally she pulls out her knife and puts it to her wrists. She carves down to the bone, sorry guys i love you, are her last thoughts as the last drop of her blood hits the floor.

By yes

i love every single one of my friends they are my family seeing as my blood family hates me and oh well i hate them to. i love my four best friends, ryan, kittie, matt and jackie. i really don't do much of anything except sitting in my room, listenin to music and going to school