About me… (*Zat)

I live in Britian… I go to Canada and Ny-Ballston Spa/Saratoga a lot though. Im german, irish, canadian and british. I go to tons of punk shows and im usually always out somewhere. I smoke fags(ciggarettes) drink whenever the hell I can (everynight ;P) and I smoke marijuana as well for around here, everyone does. It shouldnt even be allegal. lol..

My mum and poppy are hippies always throwing parties at our house and mum is the manager of some local bands around here. My mum got into music very young and always had a talent for it. She never started a band up though because she lost a very good friend of hers at a young age(well when she was a teen).

If you know who the sex pistols are.. and anything about them, you’d know that there former bass’st “Sid Vicious” died of OD’ing on heroine. Yip, Sadly.. Awsome Siddy and the rest were close to mum. Bit of horrible.

I apoligize as well about all the vampire buiss on my other name “Ventrella” . Ive not got any vamp/leech blud in me, My sis did it for a prank when she was mad at me. Anywya, I play in a band (local to our area of course) and I am lead vocals & bass guitar as well.

Uhh, I have dark hair. Black underneath and on the top dark maroon(reddish and purple mixture). Its short too and depending on where im off too or my mood, I’ll style it different. Sometimes spiked, mohawk, regular and messy, up in bobby pins.. yip.

I did have my nose pierced and tongue, but they’re out now and im getting my lip on the left side on the bottom repierced and/or my eyebrow alonf with it too. In US, yanks would consider me a punk. People here consider me a punk so thats my appearence for ya.

Oh yeah, im 16 by the way. But look and feel as im 21 😉 Good times!

But i gotta get going cos its 1:00AM and my mum is having another party and I don’t feel up too this one even though they’re usually rockin & cool as all hell!!! This night im going out with some friends too walk the city streets, go to some parties and then crash in some trash. Lol, Sad– But true 😉

Well im off!!! Ay’! Almost forgot!!!!! Pete: Cheer up mate! They’res so much more things to look forward too!! Don’t end up like sid or Chance… Or especially like Maddek! Love ya mate…<3 XoXo *We’ll be pickin’ ya up @ 2:00 so get your OI’n ready!!!@—`—>—

By Ventrella

Im a pimp. :-D Im a pimp. :-D Im a pimp. :-D Im a pimp. :-D Im a pimp. :-D Call me at 885-pimp. Talk to you then bebe ;) (Feel free to IM me. Always fun to meet to people.... Da da dummmmmmmm)