My first reaction when I heard about it was positive. “Cool,” I commented. But as I learned more about it, it raised concerns. Check out those costumes and sets! Where did they get the money for that? Most high school Theater classes I’ve known of had to scrimp and beg just to put together a patchwork production, raiding their costume closets for a show that ended up featuring Shakespearean gowns alongside cowboy duds and three-piece Mafioso suits. The teacher of this particular Theater class maintains that they are as strapped as any other, but “we recycle everything,” he says, “everything is repurposed and recycled 10 times over until we get the look we need.” As the owner of an independent Theatre company, I can totally respect that. And I know from personal experience that a whole lot can be achieved with very little. It’s all about illusion.

As cool as the production looks, though, I have to wonder, did the folks at North Bergen High School in New Jersey acquire the rights to do their own version of ALIEN? Certainly it isn’t going to hurt Disney any. Disney, you will recall, now owns 20th Century Fox, which owns ALIEN. But it could set a dangerous precedent.