acid trip

I sat there for a little while not feeling anything. No emotion, just boredom, waiting for the drugs to kick in.

Not sure wether I really wanted them to or not. I heard some screaming from the back room. “They really need to just have lots of sex and get over it.” I remembered telling my friend Crys. She agreed half noticing that I had said anything at all. I started to feel light headed. My hearing got fuzzy and my vision started to distort. Crys looked at me, she was concerned I could tell but could say nothing. “Are you okay?” I barely managed to nod my head as my reality slowly seemed to drift away.

I looked at the t.v. and the news reporter seemed to be talking to me. “Run,” he said, “Get out of here!” The next thing I knew I was walking barefoot out in the woods of Crys’s backyard. I had an uncontrollable urge to run through the woods naked so one by one my clothes dropped to thr ground as I walked futher and futher into the woods. I could see things moving all around me. After walking for what seemed like hours I stumbled upon a beautiful pond. To my suprise, A fairie with the most beautiful eyes came up to me. She looked at me. Not saying a word but questioning me with her eyes. Beautiful eyes, big, the deepest blue I had ever seen with silver glitter specks in them. She seemeed to understand. She took my hand and led me into the pond where magical nymphs swam to me and started kissing my body. I was in pure ectasy. They moved from my back to my breastand my face. In an instant their beauty melted to hideous creatures with fangs. Biting every inch of my body and draining me of life until I was almost dead. Kill me, they did not. They were not that courteous. They left my half concious body on the bank to writh in pain. I never saw them or the beautiful pond again. Nobody ever beleived me either.


  1. Take that bored shallow teenager! I guess your own mind is so boring you need to an enhancer to entertain yourself..

  2. if you only knew… youve prolly never done acid so you wouldnt understand…. i know the fealing shes describing and if youd done acid you would to but since you havnt i wouldnt say nething about the story…

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