Addiction, From The Addict Pair

are we really alive anymore?
when heroin and crack are all we live for
this place where we are is not our home
merely a place where Alex once roamed

we leave behind the things we’ve done
and try to cover last night’s runs
all in all we are a ghost
of the one drug we loved the most

is this how our lives will end?
these wounds we have will never mend
the things we do to gain our “freedom”
when we know it’s not about where we come from

so we walk away from what’s unfair
and take too much time smelling the Detroit air
and in the end we will be free
but until then we’ll both buy our disease.

By KillTheRich

Thanks a lot, Brody, you bitch. Alex- I'm trying to quit the dope... Some say I own a nice guitar, but actually, it's the guitar the owns me. I consider myself a good poet, so e-mail me if you like my work. I love to hear what other people think. But don't e-mail me if you only want to talk about the goddamn Distillers. They have done less than nothing for me, so don't bring it up. "Life, I did not want to leave you in vain, but with the options I have been left, it seems to be the only way..."-Alex