its funny how in life certain addictions are looked down upon while others seize to be recognized by people. 7 years ago (1994)
i was a coke addict i would do massive amounts of coke at times i wouldnt have any money to pay for it so i would rob someone or steal a car to get the money but fortunately i wasable to get off cocaine just a little over a year after i started but i wasnt able to stay clean

in 1996 i developed a new addiction ,speed ,which became a very expensive habit so to support that one i had to rob houses ansd as unbelievable as it sounds i had to pimp out a couple of girls that lived in my neighborhood (i am not proud of this at all)but this addiction took alot of fighting to get me off but i finally became clean in 1998 but i wasnt able to stay clean

i found a new addiction that i have to kick i am now a full fledged alcoholic even now as i write this i have a bottle of vodka right next to me i have only been awake for 20 minutes but i have been drinking for 15 minutes i can still taste the toothpaste in my mouth being masked by the vodka each drink i take but this addiction is going to prove to be the hardet to kick because its more accepted hell im 20 years old i am supposed to be drinking everyone does at 20 years there is no programs for me being an atheist alcoholics anonymous wouldnt work for me they rely on the christians guilt to ween them off the bottle but as i sit and try to to figure out how i get clean listening to sarah mclachlan i take another drink of my vodka and then i realize …..

I am 20 years old im not an alcoholic i am supposed to be drinking this much everyone does at my age

By necrogenic

i like the pretty girls i only kill the pretty girls


  1. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to kicking the habbit. Just because you are twenty doesn’t mean that you can drink untill pass out. People do that at parties, then they feel like shit for the next day and don’t drink again untill they have a good excuse for it, like another party!
    When you are drinking do you ever just stop and look at yourself?
    Do you taste the vodka in your mouth and feel sick?
    Do you hate yourself for finishing the bottle, or starting a fresh one?
    If you don’t then maybe you should cause then you can beat this thing.
    Try and slow down a bit, don’t cut it out just like that!
    That never works, take it easy and allow yourself a drink every now and then. After a while you will just have a drink maybe just once a week, then you can decide whether to stop all together, or have a drink with your friends when you go out.
    Just try to feel good about yourself and realise that you are in control.
    You already kicked two habits, whats to stop you?

  2. hmm,well,i know how you feel. yer 20, yer gonna drink. its not good for you, but its not good for a 40 yr old, either. just think that because of the habit, youre hurting yourself and others..if ya gota gf/bf, think about how they feel. no one wants you dead. it sucks i know, being a part of the current “young generation”, ive had to kick and still have quite a few bad habits. just gotta find it in yerself, kiddo, not some christian bullshit like you said. good luck.

  3. Well, the advantage is you have at least moved on to a less expensive addiction.

    It may be safe to say that you have an addictive personality. I’m not judging you, I’m just saying it’s a part of your make up.

    I do not drink. For the main reason that alcoholism runs rampant in my family. I have drunk once or twice and I have realized that even at my small stature, it takes a great deal to get me noticably drunk. This is not a good thing, and that is one of the reason’s why I avoid alcohol. (That and I hate the taste of it, and have yet to find a drink I cannot taste the alcohol in.)

    At 20 it isn’t normal to drink every day until you are drunk. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional drink, constant drinking is a sign of a problem. But, you already know that.

    At 20 it’s common to get fall down drunk at parties. But it’s not common to do it alone.

    And you’re right, that is going to be a much harder addiction to kick, simply because it isn’t as “looked down” upon by society.

    Here’s the thing though. You kicked speed, you kicked coke. Both of those massively addicting drugs. If you can kick those two and stay clean, I have no doubt in my mind that you can kick alcohol as an addiction.


  4. I think that there are non-religious groups similar to AA that don’t emphasize the Higher Power thing. You might want to check into that. And no, everyone does not drink that much at your age. It is normal to experiment but if you know you have a tendency to go to extremes then you should be careful with anything that may be potentially addictive. I have a brother who is an alcoholic and it is ruining his life. He is a genius musician but can’t even function because he’s always in DTs. The alcohol is not the enemy. It does not hold power over you. It is an inanimate object. You have the power to overcome your need for the substance. You have done it before. I wish you well.

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