Seeing as this truly happened a few nights ago, I thought to myself “Why not write something of it?” So I am.

A few nights ago at a friends house, We were exploring possibilities of what is and isnt. Just found out how alike we were and are. Nobody could understand her like me; And vice versa. After and while playing with our auras; We started playing with our blood. Lights out, Candles lit. Stabbing, Peircing and draining our hands with a safety pin; Into the skin and out; Extending bleeding hands to one another for the pleasure of tasting and feeling the blood; She is so sweet. Our auras then became one. the needle went into my hand and didnt come out for several minutes shortly after the same for her. She was then possessed by such energy. First the rocking, The shaking hands, Cant stop the shaking. I soon followed. Only the candles lit the room. The adrenaline has taken control from all the peircing. Squeals of delight echoed throughout the room; Some hers, Some mine. Whats going on? Is it our questioning link? However we are connected? No! The strange fluid; The strange taste in our mouths. The adrenaline. What power. From one little peircing, Uncontrollable energy for an hour. Amazing what you can find accidentally, No? Since then, I kept the pin. It wasnt the last time weve summoned the strange happiness. I keep the pin on my person at all times. Blood is better on adrenaline. The squeals of joy. Beautiful.

By Ax_Kamen

What is there to say? What is there to see? All that was good is gone. Theres nothing left of me.